The 28 inch f/4,8 Bino Telescope of Joerg Peters

Text and images from Joerg Peters Copyright © 2013

The mechanics is made completely as an aluminium welded construction. It is a computer controlled Alt/Az telescope with a Dan Gray / Mel Bartels servo controls. To adjust the interpuppilar distance one cage is made rotatable. Congruence of the two light paths can be adjusted comfortably by activating motors at mirror cell, while viewing trough the eyepieces. The mechanical structure is very precise, so that one tube can be used as a photo machine by rotating the secondary. But for this purpose I have to make a field derotator. This is one project for the future, now it’s time for visual observing first.

The advantages of bino telescopes are: Getting the same amount of light into the brain as from an equivalently large mono telescope aperture at a smaller minimal magnification. A much larger celestial area is visible. Two tubes use different seeing cells, which results in much better perception even at poor seeing.

The two top cages

The mirror box

The azimuth turntable

Set up: Placing the azimuth assembly

Set up: Positioning the mirror box onto the azimuth turntable

The mirror box as seen from above

Set up: Inserting the mirrors

The finished telescope (click on the images for larger views)

To making of the main mirrors

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