Peter Wickelmaiers 10"  f/6 Dobson

Pictures by Volker Gerhardt, Text by Stathis Kafalis

Peter loves his Scope. The mirror he made is really a fine piece of glass. It's his first scope, but a 20" blank is under his bed already.

The Sled Focuser provides plenty of travel without the need of an extraordinary oversized secondary. This way the focus is reached with a Binoviewer even without compensation lens, to provide wide field views. 

Wires are used to stabilize the secondary holder

The relatively tall mirror box with a closed backside was prone to tube turbulences. So, Peter added a fan, which blows air into an intermediate chamber which is perforated with holes. From there the air is directed radial onto the mirror surface. The image stabilizes just after turning on the fan.

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