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External Links 

General Amateur Telescope Making pages:

Astrotreff Forum German Forum on optics, telescope making and much more
Martin Trittelvitz Lot's of links and the German book on mirror grinding
Telescope meetings Info about ITV, BTM und ITT

  Ultra-Light Dobsonians and other:

ADIA & David Vernet 1 Meter compact monster scope
Greg Babcock Beautiful minimalist Dobsonians
Mel Bartels Motorized, triilateral, ultrafast and other Dobsonians, many links
Christian Busch 8, 13, 14 und 18" leithweight Dobsonians und equatorial platforms
Pierre Desvaux The Dobson Factory: Many minimalist Dobsonians from 300 to 530 mm
Jan Van Gastel 20"Dobsonians, equatorial platform etc
Frédéric Géa 400-800 mm ultralight Dobsonians, astatic mirror cell, sandwich
Uwe Glahn 27" f/4,2 carbon and aluminum minimalist Dobsonian with EQ-Plattform
Dan Gray 28" motor driven lowrider string scope
Vincent Le Guern Compact 30" f/4,1 transporrtable in a small car
Manfred Kleisa 18" Metamorphosis to a lightweight scope
Timm Klose Extremist ultralight lowrider telescopes
Yves Kluever wonderfull performing 24" f/4,5 with selfmade mirror
Bruce Mills All aluminum 20" open design 6 truss Minimalist Dobson
Daniel Restemeier 16" f/5 Dobson with 25 mm thick Borofloat mirror
Ross Sackett 6-18" one pole Dobsonians
Bruce Sayre Wonderful minimalist binocular scopes
Achim Strnad 20" Ursus, 14" Phoenix, 8" Long John with self made mirrors 
Reiner Vogel 14" stringscope (eccentric spider) and 22", Lowrider aquatorial platform

Travel Dobsons:

Bob Bunge 12.25-inch f/5.4 suitcase telescope
Martin Brueckner 180 mm 6 truss at unter 3 kg
Christian Busch 8" Backpack Dobson "Feivel" at 4,2 kg
Christian (Fintel) 8", 10" and 12" travel Dobsons, 8 truss design
Harald Feigel 8" f/5 with 3 parallel Poles
Uwe Glahn 14,5" f/3,8 Carbon Dobson wit 10 kg total weight
Jack Gelfand 16" suitcase scope with collapsable monopod trusses
Silvio Hertli ULDOB_1: A 4,5" Dobson with 4 truss loade tension design
Armin Hubertus 8" f/5 with Al-single ring cage, Al-bearings at 5,3 kg total weight
Matthias 8" f/5 with 2" focuser and optical finder, 8,5 kg
Michael Koch 8" f/4 ultra light and ultra compact folder ruler truss Dobson
Christian Liesenfeld 10" f/4.5 String-Dobson at 8 kg
Eric Royer 8" f/4,6 compact travel Dobson
Pierre Strock 250 mm ultra compact travel scope
Reiner Vogel compact two truss an more truss travel scopes

More telescopes without own web sites are here
The telescopes from the Munich Mirrormakers see here
Mini Newtonians as Finders or Rich Field Telescopes see Newton Finder

Links to mirror making here

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